The importance of hand sanitizers


It contains 70% alcohol that kills most disease causing germs, and contains and advanced moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling hydrated.  This does away with hand rinsing, and the need to dry hans with towels.  Hand sanitizers that are alcohol based can swiftly eliminate most germs, but do not eradicate pathogenic microorganisms of every kind.


Drop a generous amount of hand sanitizer in ones palms and clasp hands in rubbing motion till dry.


Product is flammable.  Do not use in proximity of fire or open flame.  To be applied externally.  Do not apply close to eyes.  If sanitizer reaches eyes, keep rinsing with water only.  Must be kept out of reach of children.  Should product be swallowed, seek medical help.


Alcohol.  Glycerine.  Aqua.  Chlorhexidrene.  Fragrance.  Colourant.

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